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Protect Your Vision

High Performance Optics was created with the goal of increasing spectacled lens performance while reducing the risk of Age-related Macular Degeneration or AMD. Our proprietary and patented coating technology enhances contrast without the heavy tints of the past, providing the wearer with more natural vision and less risk of AMD. As the contrast ratio is shifted the user sees more clearly and more defined and this filtration around 400-475 nm does not adversely effect the color spectrum that helps us define sharpness of vision. Our new proprietary technology does not have to be visually dark as coatings in the past, so the user does not notice our filtration other than increased contrast and noticeably sharper vision while protecting the eye from the spectrum that is harmful. This is important when you realize this spectrum is found in natural daylight and indoors in many artificial lighting environments. Increasing visual contrast while reducing the risks of AMD for millions all around the globe is now possible with technology from High Performance Optics a supplier of technologically advanced spectacled lens solutions.