High Performance Optics Promotes Larry Rodriguez to President

November 24, 2014; High Performance Optics, Inc. (HPO) www.HPOUSA.com is pleased to announce that Larry Rodriguez has been promoted to President and Chief Executive Officer. Larry joined HPO in May 2013 as Chief Operating Officer, bringing a proven track record of successfully building businesses, developing strategic business plans, and delivering dramatic results. Larry will remain a member of the HPO board. Mike Packard will continue as HPO’s Chairman.

“Since joining HPO Larry has proven himself to be a tremendous asset to the company and a proven leader,” said Mike Packard, Chairman of the Board. “The HPO Board and our strategic partners have found him to be of the highest integrity, a collaborative problem solver, a forward thinker for both HPO and our partners, and extremely competent in leading HPO operations. It is a pleasure to turn the HPO leadership over to Larry.”

Dr. Andrew Ishak O.D. F.A.A.O., HPO’s Founder & Chief Visionary Officer stated: “Larry has brought the company strategic focus and operational disciplines that allow HPO to exploit the company’s intellectual property and technology both inside the optical industry as well as outside. Larry’s ability to help others see the vision and understand the enormous potential of this intellectual property and technology will position HPO for significant growth.”

About High Performance Optics, Inc. (“HPO”) www.HPOUSA.com Founded in 2006 and based in Roanoke, Virginia, HPO is a company whose mission and goal is that of protecting the human retina from the hazards of blue light. HPO has invented and patented numerous proprietary solutions for various industries addressing the hazards of blue light. HPO has licensed several global optical device companies to provide patients with improved protection from high energy visible light. HPO is an EGG of The Egg Factory, LLC.

About The Egg Factory, LLC, (“TEF”) www.EggFactory.com: TEF became commercial in 1999 for the purpose of identifying global unmet needs, inventing solutions to address the needs, proving and patenting the inventions, maturing the invention / innovation through development and licensing to a global strategic company or multiple companies. TEF is based in Roanoke, Virginia, and its EGG Companies are located in various cities around the United States.

About HPO

HPO was founded in 2006 by Dr. Andrew Ishak OD FAAO, through work focused on protecting the human retina from HEVL. HPO’s first application opportunities were in the ophthalmic space where they have now Licensed Intellectual Property (IP) and Technology to some of the largest companies in the world. HPO IP and technology now offer protection for millions of eyes around the world from the dangers of HEVL.

With nearly 100 patent applications issued or pending, HPO stands as the leader in Intellectual property and the development of technology for that purpose. HPO’s Vision “To Standardize Protection from HEVL in every application that can protect the human eye and skin.”

Media Contact: Yvonne Irvin YIrvin@HPOUSA.com

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