HPO Achieves Innovation Milestone: 100 Patents

High Performance Optics (HPO) , www.hpousa.com the world leader in High Energy Visible Light (HEVL) filtering, announced today the milestone of reaching 100 patents in total: pending and issued.  HPO develops both intellectual property and new technology for the largest companies in the world for their HEVL filtering needs.

Founded in 2006 by Dr. Andrew Ishak OD FAAO, and Chief I.P. Officer for HPO, Dr. Ishak stated, “HPO was founded with the goal of reducing the risk of Age-Related Macular Degeneration or AMD through application of High Energy Visible Light (HEVL) Filters into spectacle lenses. HPO provides its IP protection and development capability to industry leaders around the world: Essilor, in the field of ophthalmic eye glass lenses, Alcon in the field of contact lenses, Eastman Chemical for automobile applications, and EyeSafe for blue light mitigation in consumer electronics. HPO is currently in development of new HEVL filtering for additional industries and spaces yet to be named. “

HEVL exposure has been linked to macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness in the industrialized world. HPO technology reduces the most damaging HEVL wavelengths from reaching the retina while allowing healthy portions of visible light to pass unimpeded.  In addition, HEVL exposure from digital devices has been linked to discomforting glare, eye strain and fatigue which HPO technology also significantly limits.

Company CEO, Larry Rodriguez stated “HPO’s Mission is to Protect the World through Innovation. The expansion of our I.P. to over 100 issued or pending patents enables HPO to continue to drive innovation and technology that brings forward new and innovative protection for our partners and their customers.” Today, HPO is addressing or exploring all aspects of harmful effects of HEVL on the entire human body – eyes, skin and sleep cycles. HPO’s 100 patent milestone includes recent innovations and I.P. focused on Methods and Devices for Reducing Actual and Perceived Glare. “This is an exciting new technology with an I.P. path that can be used across multiple industries and application for the reduction and mitigation of glare.”

HPO’s team of scientists and development partners have an impressive track record for finding new innovations and solutions that bring protection to the world.

Inquiries should be addressed to Yvonne Irvin at yirvin@hpousa.com.

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