Protecting the World through Innovation

At HPO, our Mission is to “Protect the World through Innovation.” HPO was founded in 2006 through work focused on protecting the human retina from High Energy Visible Light (HEVL). Our first application opportunities were in ophthalmics where we have now Licensed our Intellectual Property (IP) and Technology to some of the largest companies in the world. HPO IP and Technology now offer protection for millions of eyes around the world from the dangers of HEVL.

Since inception, nearly 100 patent applications have been filed and more than half that number have been issued. In 2018, HPO stands as the leader in Intellectual Property and the Development of Technology for that purpose. With a Vision “To Standardize Protection from HEVL  in every application that can protect the human retina and skin,” we have pushed beyond the boundaries of ophthalmic lenses.  HPO is activity exploring, with the largest companies worldwide, new protection opportunities that can continue to advance protection from HEVL to the human retina and skin cells. Today, HPO is in joint development projects with world leaders within their prospective fields to create innovative new chemistry for protection from HEVL.

HPO, dedicated to its Mission, continues to intensify its resources towards new innovations that protect and can be applied globally. We encourage you to contact HPO to discuss and discover new paths for your company.

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