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Protecting the World through Innovation is the foundation for our technology.  Focusing on the protection of the human eye from irreversible damage to the retina from harmful High Energy Visible Light (HEVL) while allowing specific blue light wavelengths  that provide a health benefit to pass to the retina. Selective Filtering is a technology innovation that is changing the eye care industry.

HPO holds over 59 issued global patents and over 17 pending global patents.  Our current technology platform remains in a mode of constant growth and development. HPO is structured to identify new market needs with our current and future partners. Once a market need for protection is identified, HPO applies its development platform against those identified needs to create New Patentable Technology that can be applied worldwide.

Industry Problem – Broad Range Filters

While there are many eyeglass lenses with blue blocking filters available in the market, each of these carries with them two inherent problems:

  • COLOR: The overwhelming majority of blue blocking optical lenses show a noticeable yellow or amber tint which makes them cosmetically inferior to a more clear lens.

  • BLOCKING BOTH BAD AND GOOD BLUE LIGHT: These broad range filters block out the good blue light necessary for controlling our essential circadian sleep cycles.

Yellowness Index

Light filtering technology is commonly used in the ophthalmic industry. However, from a health perspective, today’s ophthalmic lenses currently provide only UV protection (generally below 400nm). The concept of lenses with UV filtering has grown to be a standard for most ophthalmic devices. UV light rays which have wavelengths between 300-400 nm are not visible but damage the human lens and have proven to be a factor in the progression of cataracts. Most eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, and intraocular lenses provide some level of UV protection.

UV blocking eyeglass lenses, contact lenses and intraocular lenses (IOLs) do not offer retina protection from HEVL wavelengths (400-450nm).  Currently, only certain specialized eyeglass lenses sunglasses and IOLs provide HEVL protection, however in many cases there is a noticeable color to the lens hindering cosmesis, reducing daylight vision, night vision and color perception.

HPO technology circumvents these unwanted negatives by selectively targeting the most damaging wavelengths of HEVL, which yields superior protection and cosmesis with little to no change in: daylight vision, night vision, and color perception.

HPO technology is tunable for various applications and can be incorporated in many materials.

* Intraocular Lenses

HPO Selective Light Filtering Solves the Problem

High Performance Optics proprietary selective filtering technology, when applied to ophthalmic lenses will

  • Reduce one of the major risk factors believed to contribute to macular degeneration

  • No impact on circadian rhythm

  • Improves the cosmetic color of the system

  • Does not inhibit healthy blue light wavelengths

  • Photo-stable in various applications

  • Thermal stable in various applications

  • Improves visual performance by improving contrast and sensitivity

  • Block  the most damaging HEVL wavelengths to protect the RPE

  • Have minimal/no negative impact on scotopic (low light) vision

  • Color balanced to not interfere with perceived color vision

  • Be mostly colorless when viewed by the wearer

  • UV protection

  • Avoid additional pupil dilation

  • Extremely cost efficient for manufacturers

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