As a founder of HPO, it has been exciting and a real pleasure watching it grow into the company that it is today. The exceptional leadership team that has built this company over the past several years has really taken HPO to the next level where we hope to continue to be a force in the field of protection against harmful blue light radiation. HPO’s focus and disciplines have set it apart as an innovator and technology development company for some of the largest companies in the world.

Dr. David HeathDavid Heath, Founder, Board of Directors HPO

Frontier Scientific has worked very closely with High Performance Optics (HPO) over the pasts several years.  HPO has been a great partner to work with in development of innovative and science driven technologies to address real world issues.  The team at HPO has helped to bring together the science, technology and commercial development teams to bring to market unique technologies to protect human vision. I highly recommend HPO as a partner and it has been a pleasure to work with their team.

Dr. Dustin Cefalo, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Frontier Specialty Chemicals, Inc.

High Performance Optics (HPO) is a technology driven and innovative organization.  HPO works with its partners to the highest degree of integrity and fairness.  Frontier Scientific, Inc (FSI) has worked with HPO for many years and the cooperation and partnership has grown stronger with each passing year.  I highly recommend HPO as a partner and supplier of technology driven innovative products.

Bert Israelsen, President, Frontier Scientific Services, Inc.

I have had the opportunity to spend more than 2 decades working with various technologies to improve visual performance. High Performance Optics (HPO) has taken the next step by creating Intellectual Property to safely preserve people’s vision and improve quality of life. HPO epitomizes “transformational innovation” as they have licensing agreements with companies that cover the entire continuum of visual care: From eye glasses, contact lenses, intraocular lens implants, automotive and industrial glass. Truly a company that is “doing well by doing good”.

Brendan SheilBrendan B Sheil, Former Executive, Bausch & Lomb

I have been fortunate to be surrounded by so many bright, talented individuals with endless positive energy who conduct themselves with the highest of standards: from our CEO Larry Rodriguez, our Scientific Advisors, Legal Counsel, Board Members along with our Licensed Partners all of whom have been a pleasure to work with. HPO’s network of focused driven professionals has an enormous record of success.

HPO has become the world leader in developing next generation blue light filtering technology to the largest companies in the world in their respective space.

For me, as a Founder and Inventor, it has been truly gratifying to experience what was initially a vision… become reality… time and time again.

I am thankful for this winning formula.

Andrew W. Ishak, O.D., F.A.A.O.Dr. Andrew Ishak OD FAAO, Founder HPO

As HPO’s trusted legal advisors for over ten years we have witnessed the execution and delivery of innumerable IP licenses and R&D collaborations by HPO’s highly professional and dedicated team. 

Responsive, attentive to detail, organized and entirely business focused, HPO’s team, Larry Rodriguez and Andy Ishak in particular, are a pleasure to work with. 

We feel privileged to represent a company which possesses creativity and operational know-how to continuously think out the box and achieve win-win solutions in all its commercial, financial, marketing and legal dealings.

Hili RashkovanHili Rashkovan, Senior Partner, Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz, New York, NY

I have had the pleasure of working with HPO, first as outside patent counsel, and currently as IP Counsel and Corporate Secretary. I am most impressed at how HPO has successfully harnessed the power of a virtual team by integrating top talent into a cohesive operation.  HPO exemplifies the technical advancement and real-world impact that can be accomplished when science and business work hand in hand.

Dana Z. BuschmannDana Buschmann, Intellectual Property Counsel and Corporate Secretary

The first time I was exposed to the potential of HPO was 15 years ago. Frankly, I was happily semi-retired, doing part-time small company consulting and enjoying the easy life. Once I understood the potential HPO technology had to help reduce the risk of blindness on a global basis, I was all in. From day one, Dr. Ishak and I wanted to create a focused, lean organization with technology development competencies. HPO has stayed true to that ever since. The vision of “Standardize Protection from HEVL in every application that can protect the human retina and skin” has never wavered. With Larry Rodriguez leading HPO, supportive shareholders and directors, and great consulting partners, HPO has become a global leader in its space. HPO has strategic partners that are market leaders in their space, to deliver HEVL protection across the globe. It has been, and continues to be, an honor and joy to be part of HPO.

Michael PackardMichael Packard, Chairman, HPO

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