Blue Light Filtering enters the Auto Transportation Space

HPO was founded with the goal of reducing the risk of Age-Related Macular Degeneration or AMD through application of Selective High Energy Visible Light (HEVL) Filters, Blue Light Filtering (BLF), into spectacle lenses. Today, we are addressing or exploring all aspects of harmful effects of Blue Light on the entire human body – eyes, skin, and impact to sleep cycles. HPO is the world leader in innovation and technology development for BLF Protection without disrupting beneficial light needed for undisturbed sleep cycles.

In 2023, HPO advanced its mission with the introduction of HEVL Filtering into the auto transportation space.

The sun produces the largest level, by multiples, of harmful Blue Light to the human eye. With hours and hours per week and per month spent behind the wheel of our automobiles, the logical place to apply protective Selective BL Filters would be around the cabin of auto vehicles.

Blue Light Filter. Llumar Blue Light Filter Window Film

Innovation to Build a Better World


Eastman, the world leader in applications for auto transportation, with a mission of: “Innovation to Build a Better World”, has taken a leadership role. Eastman is now the first company globally to apply HPO Selective Blue Light Filtering into auto transportation films. Today, vehicles can be wrapped in BLF Protection with HBO Selective BLF.

HPO, in partnership with Frontier Scientific, is proud to have spent eight years in the development of this custom chemistry solution for Eastman.

Initial launch of Eastman’s Selective BLF Film occurred in the fourth quarter of 2022 in China and has expanded that launch into 2023.

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