High Performance Optics Hires Larry Rodriguez as Chief Operating Officer

For Immediate Release

April 29, 2012; High Performance Optics, Inc. (HPO) www.HPOusa.com is pleased to announce that Larry Rodriguez has joined HPO in the role of Chief Operating Officer. Larry is an experienced senior executive across several industries. He brings a proven track record of successfully building businesses, developing strategic relationships, and delivering dramatic results. Larry will be responsible for all operations of the company, reporting to Mike Packard, Chairman of the Board.

Early in Larry’s career he led the sales and marketing efforts for Southern Optical growing the company to one of the largest wholesales lab companies in the U.S. He then left the optical industry for 9 years joining Capital One, developing and executing a growth plan for a division of Capital One that led to growing the company from $500 million in annual revenue to over $13 billion. Recently, as SVP of Global Sales and Marketing for PixelOptics, Larry led the sales and marketing effort for the initial launch of emPower!® the world’s first electronic focusing eyewear.

About High Performance Optics, Inc. (“HPO”) www.HPOusa.com : Founded in 2006 and based in Roanoke, Virginia, HPO is a company whose mission and goal is that of protecting the human retina from the hazards of blue light. HPO has invented and patented numerous proprietary solutions for various industries addressing the hazards of blue light. Most recently, HPO signed a global exclusive license with Essilor to provide spectacle lens wearers with improved protection from high energy visible light. HPO is an EGG of The Egg Factory, LLC.

About The Egg Factory, LLC, (“TEF”) www.EggFactory.com : TEF became commercial in 1999 for the purpose of identifying global unmet needs, inventing solutions to address the needs, proving and patenting the inventions, maturing the invention / innovation through development and licensing to a global strategic company or multiple companies. TEF is based in Roanoke, Virginia, USA and its EGG Companies are located in various cities around the USA. The Eggs of TEF are various Inventions / Innovations. TEF focuses on revolutionary / transformational innovation in the Optics and Ophthalmic space. emPower! is a registered trademark of PixelOptics, Inc., Roanoke, Virginia.nies are located in various cities around the United States.

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